Detox Prep Week

The green smoothie detox prep week started on Monday.  I completely forgot about it!  I was not prepared & didn’t do the grocery shopping for it.  But, I’ve been having a green smoothie every day.  I’m supposed to be following a diet to prepare to go to mostly smoothies & raw foods for 21 days.  Oops.  Maybe I’ll go to the co-op later & pick up some greens.  A lot of the smoothies call for high sugar fruits, which bothers me.  How can the body detox with all that sugar coming in?  They say not to have any fat because it interferes with the detox.  I’d rather have fat than sugar, especially since the massive candida infection I had last Summer.  I had severe, life threatening complications & infections & took at least 8 different antibiotics in a month, which wiped out all the good bacteria from my gut & let the yeast take over.  It was so bad, the yeast started to appear on my skin!  So I’m leery of eating so much sugar (yeast thrives on sugar, as do viruses, bacteria, cancers, etc).

Mr. Fix-It says he’s on-board with this program but he declines his green juice/smoothie whenever it’s offered to him.  Grrr.  That annoys me.

I’ll make the blueberry ice cream today before I have to detox completely :p

Time to make my green smoothie…

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