Motivational Emails

The green smoothie detox starts next week.  I’ve been getting the “motivational”, “inspirational” emails.  The authors mean well, but I find them to be cliche & a bit cheesy.  And tired.  Like…”where’s the reward in getting to the top of a mountain you didn’t have to climb?”  For one, how would you get to the top w/o climbing it?  For the rest, well, cliche, cliche & more cliche.  There’s the one about “the other you”, the one that’s healthy, positive, etc.  There’s the one about doing things for others & how it benefits you.  While that is true, it shouldn’t be the reason to help people.  They fact that they need help should be the reason.  If I help someone because I’m gonna get rewarded somehow, then it’s not really helping someone else, it’s helping myself.

I’m all for being positive, inspiring, motivating etc, but one shouldn’t have to TRY so hard to be those things to others.  It comes across as fake…forced.  Like a painted on smile.  I don’t know how many more of these emails I can take.  Will the detox “support” emails be more of the same?  I hope not!

Anyway, community Seder tonight!!!

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