Setbacks & No Burgers

The smoothie detox was moved to April 16th (prep week), so…I’ll be on green smoothies for 2 relatives’ birthdays.

I still haven’t made those burgers.  I didn’t have all the ingredients, or the car, and I was not going to walk with the Complainiacs (my nephews) & it didn’t seem right to leave them with The Baker without a phone.  I’ll get the ingredients this afternoon & make the burgers for dinner tonight.

No families are have space to host another family for Passover 😦  But we’re going to the community one, so at least we’ll have an idea of what we should do next year.  So much to learn!  It’s exciting.

I de-chametzed half of the living room yesterday, with The Baker’s help.  I had never cleaned so thoroughly in my life!  The other half today…and well, all the other rooms that need it, too. 

Our spinach plant is finally growing, we planted it about a month ago.  The chard is getting really big, as are the lettuces!  Oh and the strawberry plants, too.  I’m a 1st time gardener, so I’m super excited!

Which reminds me…time to water the plants.

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