This is our 1st Passover.  It’s a bit overwhelming, especially all the cleaning!  I’ve never been the greatest housekeeper but my house is always presentable.

Good thing my nephews are on Spring Break this week, they will definitely help me.  I hope.  It’s possible they could make things worse, being 7 & 8 years old O_0  Maybe I’ll have The Baker take them to the park & stay there all day week.

I’ve emailed the synagogue regarding their offer to have families host families who are new, for the Seder this Friday night.  We’re new & don’t know anyone very well yet.  I hope it isn’t awkward. There’s also a community Seder next Monday.  I’m not sure if we can afford to go, last month was REALLY slow, but we have a really lucrative job today & one tomorrow, so if the payments clear in time, we can go.  I really want to attend a family Seder, though.

Well, I should eat breakfast & get started on today’s cleaning.  But will I?

Oh, I have the detox thing to write about…

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